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PRODUCT +/- Rate Last week
30 year fixed Graph Icon Arrow 4.09% 4.16%
15 year fixed Graph Icon Arrow 3.25% 3.30%
5/1 ARM Graph Icon Arrow 3.28% 3.36%

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PRODUCT +/- Rate Last week
30 year fixed refi Graph Icon Arrow 4.09% 4.17%
15 year fixed refi Graph Icon Arrow 3.25% 3.34%
10 year fixed refi Graph Icon Arrow 3.15% 3.18%
PRODUCT +/- Rate Last week
60 month used car loan Graph Icon Arrow 3.20% 3.20%
48 month used car loan Graph Icon Arrow 3.18% 3.19%
60 month new car loan Graph Icon Arrow 3.44% 3.44%
PRODUCT +/- Yield Last week
6 Month CD Graph Icon Arrow 0.75% 0.71%
1 Year CD Graph Icon Arrow 1.24% 1.24%
2 Year CD Graph Icon Arrow 1.41% 1.41%
MMA and SAVINGS 0.58%
$10k MMA 0.57%
Interest Checking 0.43%

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Benefits of Refinancing in San Jose, California

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Refinancing homes has become the norm after the economic debacle that engulfed the world set in. In San Jose, California, favorable interest rates have made home owners, lenders and brokers sit up and take notice. However, many property owners are not aware of them much less the benefits they can be privy to once they avail them. Here are some reasons why people are gradually choosing to refinance:

Reduce Monthly Payments

Many property owners are stuck with exorbitant interest rates that are way more than what are being offered now. Those who purchased property during the housing boom received an ARM or adjustable rate mortgage loan and have witnessed low rates rise before their eyes. This is one of the reasons why refinancing is such a hot topic these days. Even if closing costs and charges are too much to bear, the low interest rates typically outweigh them. In fact, if an owner is able to lower these rates by even 1%, refinancing mortgage can allow them to reduce their home loan payments as well.

Avail Different Loans

Many home owners tend to change their loan type in order to avail lower rates and save money. Most of them do this in order to get out of an ARM and into a more stable mortgage rate. Even though majority of ARM loans possess low interest rates, they have a significant over time. On the other hand, home owners, who wish to sell their property or plan on moving, may do better by getting into ARMs. These rates remain the same for the first few years after which they start to adjust. If the owner of a property decides to sell or move out of their home before rates increase, they will be able to save a lot of money.

Websites such as are available to aid the inexperienced home owner figure out mortgage rates, refinancing options, loan amounts etc to aid them in fulfilling their financial needs. Our mortgage calculators are user friendly enough to be used for estimating monthly mortgage amounts easily.





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