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10 year fixed refi Graph Icon Arrow 3.15% 3.18%
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60 month new car loan Graph Icon Arrow 3.44% 3.44%
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  • Choosing Between a 15 or 30 Year Mortgage

    By: Admin
     - 1/28/2016 11:14:53 AM
    A lot of people ask whether a 15 or 30 year mortgage is best and we’re here today to share some important facts about each mortgage type.
    Once you’ve learned the definition of each mortgage, you’ll be able to compare and contrast them more effectively. We hope to empower you as a borrower by giving you the ability to choose the mortgage which is just right for your own particular financial picture.
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  • Mortgage Refinancing and Home Buyers Await Fed Decision

     - 9/16/2013 11:50:43 PM
    Mortgage interest rates held steady this week. Without a doubt, rising rates have pushed some potential home buyers and homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages to the sidelines. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), all applications for mortgages—purchases and mortgage refinancing, dropped 13.5 percent for the reporting period ending September 6. Refinancing applications felled 20 percent compare to the previous week.
    MBA data shows mortgage refinancing is off the peak level established in May and has plummeted to the lowest activity level in four years.
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  • Tips for How and When to Refinance Your Mortgage

     - 9/5/2013 1:25:40 AM
    Successful mortgage refinance your can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your home loan. A mortgage refinance is on e of the most powerful tool home owners have in their financial toolbox. Knowing when to refinance a loan is a can be an overwhelming task. Many people feel that because interest rates are low they should refinance their mortgages.
    Whether you want to take advantage of low rates to reduce your payment and you want to complete a refinance application before rates climb higher, you still need to make the right decision. Perform an assessment of your personal finances and circumstances to decide if it makes financial sense to refinance your mortgage at this time.
     Read more
  • Mortgage Refinance Applications About To Increase – Rates Are Going Down

     - 6/20/2013 1:56:01 AM
    At the beginning of May, the average 30-year fixed rate mortgage hovered around 3.35 percent. Since that time, mortgage interest rate has been trending up. For six-weeks straight, the long-term mortgage rate has climbed more than half a percentage point—hovering near 4 percent. is predicting that today, Thursday June 20th Freddie Mac will report lower mortgage rates due to reduced demand for 4% loans. This will increase demand for mortgage refinance applications.
     Read more
  • 15 Year Mortgage Refinance Rates Today Are Ridiculously Low

    By: Admin
     - 4/25/2013 1:56:15 PM
    The 15-year fixed rate mortgage fell to 2.61% today, down from 2.64% last week. These low interest rates haven’t been seen since Nov 2012. Freddie Mac released its rates update today showing national rates dropping on a continued slide, across the board. For four weeks in a row, the most popular, 30-year fixed rate mortgage is on a decline, falling a one basis point to 3.40%.
    Variable mortgage rates were also down, 5/1 ARMs being the biggest winner loosing 2 basis points down to 2.58% and one-year ARMs lost a single point to reach 2.62%.
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  • Demand in Mortgage Refinance Advances Applications

    By: Admin
     - 4/24/2013 1:20:41 AM
    Mortgage applications for U.S. homes increased last week for 3rd week in a row, helped by renewed demand for refinancing, data from an industry group showed on Wednesday.
    The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBAs) reports its seasonally adjusted mortgage application activity index, which includes both mortgage refinancing and home buying demand, was up 5 percent in the week ended April 19. The number of home purchases increased by 3.9 percent to reach the highest levels since May of 2010, while the refinance index increased by 5.2 percent.
     Read more
  • Mortgage Refinance Strategies For The Improved Housing Market

     - 4/1/2013 12:11:55 AM
    After losing an average of 35% in home equity since the real estate crash, many Americans have seen their home equity increase significantly as the market improves. Based on a Federal Reserve Board report, equity has risen by $1.7 trillion since 2011.
    In fact, a recent Federal Reserve board study shows that homeowners experience about a half $1 trillion increase in home equity during the final quarter of 2012. The current total of $8.2 trillion in equity represents the highest amount since the beginning of the housing crisis. As a result, mortgage refinance has opened as an option for many borrowers.
     Read more
  • Is Jumbo Mortgage Refinance Possible and Under Which Terms?

     - 3/15/2013 12:58:39 AM
    Many homeowners who buy homes with high property values, and can afford to make larger monthly mortgage payments, usually take on nonconforming or jumbo loans.
    A jumbo loan refers to mortgage financing for loan amounts higher than the maximum conforming limits established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Mortgage lenders also have blended jumbo loan products, which combines a home loan and home equity line of credit.
    According to the trade publication Inside Mortgage Finance, lenders completed $38 billion in private jumbo mortgage applications during the second quarter last year. This represented a 65% year over year increase above 2011 and the highest quarterly dollar volume since the first quarter of 2008.
     Read more
  • Lenders Must Base Mortgage Refinance Rejections on Credit-Worthiness

     - 3/6/2013 10:18:25 PM
    Mortgage lenders receive lots of publicity about foreclosures and lending practices related to faulty paperwork and other business processes. One problem that has not received as much attention is mortgage discrimination.
    This situation occurs when mortgage companies reject home mortgage or mortgage refinance applications for inappropriate reasons, which violates state and federal laws.
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  • Short Sales Volume Helps Stabilize Market for Mortgage Refinancing

     - 3/4/2013 1:40:33 AM
    Last year, mortgage lenders completed more short sales transactions than foreclosures--by a three-to-one margin. Foreclosed homes accounted for about 11% of all home sales in 2012, compared to 13 % in 2011. The volume of short sales increased by 5% and made up 32% of home sales deals.
    Many homeowners have been unable to qualify for a mortgage refinance and take advantage of the historic low mortgage interest rates. Some of these people elect to enter short sales transactions to get from under the financial burden of costly underwater mortgages.
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  • Increased Home Equity Helps Retirees Qualify for Reverse Mortgage Refinance

     - 2/27/2013 12:15:18 AM
    Between 2007 and 2012, home values plunge an average of 35% across the nation. In some areas like Florida, Nevada, California, and Arizona, home owners loss as much as 60% of their homes’ value--and home equity.
    In the fourth quarter of 2011, home equity for U.S. homeowners dropped to a low of $6.45 trillion, according to figures released by the Federal Reserve. From January to September 2012, the trend reversed, with home prices rising 20%. Homeowners experienced a $1.3 trillion increase in home equity to $7.71 trillion.
    Home price appreciation presents good news to all homeowners—especially retirees or and people close to retirement who plan to tap into their home equity to finance their lifestyles. Increasingly, a common option for older homeowners who have equity in their homes is to use that wealth to obtain a reverse mortgage or complete a reverse mortgage refinance.
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  • President Obama Wants to Eliminate Obstacles to Mortgage Refinance

     - 2/15/2013 12:48:32 PM
    After nearly six years of a badly deteriorated housing market, the real estate analytics firm Corelogic estimates that 4.5 million Americans lost their home. According to the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index, the average U.S. homeowner lost about 35% off the value of their home 2007 - 2012. That amounts to almost $7 trillion of wealth—most of it which homeowners planned to use to help fund their retirements.
    Currently, 11 million Americans have an underwater mortgage, based on Corelogic numbers. The term has become synonymous with homeowners who owe more on the balance of their home mortgage than the actual market value of their home.
     Read more
  • Determine If Refinancing to Shorter Term Loan Is a Good Choice

     - 2/10/2013 11:25:47 PM
    Higher home values and low mortgage interest rates have many homeowners consider refinancing their mortgages. In additional more borrowers are choosing loan products with shorter terms. This presents a viable option for homeowners who want to save more money on the mortgage over the long-run.
    Borrowers who have a high-interest rate and can refinance to a significantly lower rate, may be able to avoid higher monthly mortgage payments. However, many people who refinance to a loan with a shorter payback period will end up with higher payments.
     Read more
  • Six Mortgage Refinance Strategies for 2013

     - 1/28/2013 1:55:39 AM
    With mortgage interest rates still floating around historic lows, everything points to now as a good time for homeowners who have not already done so to mortgage refinance. Along with extremely low mortgage rates, the employment picture has improved and home prices have increased. Some impediments to refinancing remain, such as low appraisals and tighter credit criteria. These factors make it challenging for some borrowers to refinance.
    Nonetheless, here are a few strategies to help you determine if a mortgage refinance is right for your current circumstances.
     Read more
  • Mortgage Refinance Surge May Be Approaching a Top

     - 1/19/2013 1:51:17 PM
    The major banks have added significant profits to their bottom lines due to a surge in mortgage refinance completions in 2012. This is in great contrast to activity level seen after the Great Recession, which started in June 2007. Mortgage lenders were completing very few mortgage refinance applications because unemployment, high consumer debt, and falling property values dominated the housing market, which made it difficult for homeowners to qualify for refinancing. Read more
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